Why We Should Eat Mushrooms Regularly

Mushrooms often appear on the hated vegetable lists. During my work in the restaurant business, I received many requests to leave out salads, pizzas and calzones. I think we can easily get some mushrooms from “buy mushrooms Canada.” However, there is something in the texture or taste (or both) that discourages people. I would not know it, because I’m a big fan of friendly mushrooms. They give a variety of dishes a deliciously earthy flavor, from fried vegetable fries to grilled steak.

Their taste is just one of the reasons to love the simple mushroom. On the one hand, they are incredibly easy to breed at home. They can also be used to make many inedible things like packaging and even homes. But now we focus on what they can do for your health:

1. weight loss

The results of a study from the University of Buffalo show that the consumption of mushrooms can be helpful in regulating blood sugar levels. This benefit would make weight loss and exercise easier for a long time by controlling blood sugar levels, especially in people with low blood sugar levels. Women. The study used a Portabella powder, but we’re pretty sure part of the food works just as well.

2. Absorption of nutrients

Vitamin D is vital to many aspects of human health, and nutritional supplements just do not cut it off. Mushrooms are one of the few vegetables that are considered a good source of edible vitamin D. “This essential vitamin can promote the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus,” says Organic Facts.

3. stronger bones

In addition to vitamin D (which is good for the bones), mushrooms also contain calcium (the same nutrient that vitamin D helps to absorb). This random event only increases the benefit to your bones. It has been shown that consuming sufficient amounts of calcium reduces joint pain, poor mobility and even the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Diabetes Management

It is not surprising that the diabetes rates between the obesity epidemic and the spread of food have exploded. Mushrooms are considered a good food management tool for this disease as they contain natural insulin and enzymes that help the body to remove sugar and starch from other foods.

5. Health of the Immune System

As we have often mentioned, eating – not pills – is your best chance to boost your immune system and your overall health. Long before the word “superfood”, humans benefited from the immune benefits of eating mushrooms. It is not surprising that mushrooms, as one of the most antioxidant foods in the world, stimulate and regulate the body’s immune system. Research also shows that fungi can help reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer, two of the most common types.

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