Mistakes That Should Be Avoided When Buying Mushrooms

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Unlike other vegetables, mushrooms often have their own small section in the supermarket, and also you can get them from buy shrooms Canada. There are not only half a dozen varieties to choose from but also the option to buy loose, sliced, prepurified, etc. It’s a bit intimidating!

And that is before they bring home. Then the question arises, how to clean and cook them. But what you really need to know is what you should not do with your mushrooms.

1. Purchase of packaged mushrooms.

According to the buy shrooms Canada, if it is possible, then do not buy pre-packaged mushrooms and buy them in bulk. Not only does this allow you to buy what you need, but high volume accessories are usually cheaper. You can also check them to make sure you buy the best ones.

Follow this advice: Buy mushrooms in bulk instead of packaged; Choose those who are not broken or injured. They must be firm, even in color, barely moist and have a smell of earth and freshness.

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2. Store them in a plastic bag.

This environment is actually too humid for mushrooms and their storage can quickly make them soft and moldy.

Follow this advice: Store the mushrooms in an open paper bag in the main compartment of the refrigerator. The paper allows air circulation and absorbs excess moisture.

3. Keep it near smelly food.

Mushrooms tend to absorb the smell of other foods. It’s best to keep them away from strong odors in your fridge.

Follow this advice: Separate the mushrooms from the herbs, onions, cheese and spice scraps in your fridge.

4. Do not clean it properly.

How the mushrooms are cleaned depends on how you want to use them. Since mushrooms absorb water like a sponge, it is not the best solution to rinse them off like other vegetables.

Follow this advice: If you want to eat raw mushrooms, do not rinse them, you do not want to bite into damp mushrooms in your salad. Use a dry paper towel instead to remove dirt. If the mushrooms are particularly dirty, lightly moisten the paper towel before cleaning.

If the mushrooms are cooked, you can rinse them out if they are very dirty. Rinse each one individually by rubbing the dirt with your fingers and drying with a paper towel before cooking.

5. Fill the pan and use some fat for cooking.

No one likes damp mushrooms here either, but if you blow them up in a small pot, you get just that. Mushrooms need room to evaporate the released water instead of staying in the pan.

You also need enough fat, whether cooking oil or butter, to properly caramelize. Since the mushrooms are porous, they absorb a lot of fat and if you do not use enough of them you will not be left to cook your mushrooms in the pan.

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