Top 7 Mushrooms and How to Use Them

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With so many types of mushrooms there are endless possibilities (and recipes). Mushrooms are high in fiber and vitamins and contain neither fat nor cholesterol. They are popular all over the world for their versatility, texture and flesh, and nowadays we usually do not have to travel beyond the radius of the products to explore them all. Here we look at the flavor profiles and properties of the most popular types of mushrooms. You can buy these mushrooms from mushrooms Canada.

1. White mushroom

Features: The most common and sweetest mushroom in the world. Ninety percent of the mushrooms we eat are of this variety. It is less flavored than many of its more exotic parents, can be eaten raw or cooked and goes well with soups, salads and pizzas.

2. Crimino mushroom (Crimini, pl.)

A criminal is a young Portobello. Although the criminologist is darker, firmer and tastier than his cousin, the white mushroom, both can be used interchangeably. More and more retailers who want to use the popularity of Portabellos sell Crimini mushrooms as “Baby Bellas”.

3. Portabello mushroom

The dense and rich Portobello give sauces and pasta a certain depth and are an excellent substitute for meat. If the Portabellos are young and small, they are called criminals. If you want a bread substitute, you can even use the mushroom flat cap. The mushrooms of this variety are as wide as your palm and their meaty consistency resists roast and fill (or both!).

4. Shiitake mushroom

Alternative names: Shitake, Black Forest, Black Winter, Brown Oak, Chinese Black, Black Mushroom, East Black, Forest Mushroom, Golden Oak, Donko.

In Japanese shiitake means “oak mushroom”, which describes where the mushrooms are in the wild. However, most shiitakes are grown today. They are best recognized by their brown, umbrella-shaped hoods that curl slightly. Fresh shiitakes have a slightly woody aroma, while their dried counterparts are more intense.

5. Maitake mushroom

Properties: By far, this mushroom can look like a cabbage. These mushrooms are cultivated and found in the forest. They are often sold in groups with soft hats and overlapping feathers. This mushroom has an earthy aroma and a gamy aroma and comes from the Northwestern United States and Japan. They grow east of Mississippi in August and September.

6. Enoki mushroom

The edible variety of these mushrooms is characterized by small, bright white caps, which are attached to thin stems and have a pronounced crunch. They are good raw. In the wild, they grow on ash, ash, mulberry and Chinese persimmon.

7. beech mushroom

Cooked, these crunchy, brown clumps are crispy and have a sweet, nutty flavor. Raw, but they have a bitter taste.

Alternative Names: Royal Oyster, Royal Trumpet, Ali’i Oyster, Steppe Mushroom, Brown King Mushroom, French Horn Mushroom, Brown King Mushroom. Mushrooms Canada can provide these mushrooms to you.

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