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Things to Consider about Custom Garage Storage

The first thing to consider before purchasing your custom garage storage is what materials to use. The two main ones to consider are metal and wood. Metal is more expensive than wood, but is far more durable especially when you consider that the cabinets will be outside. Wood however is a great option if you are able to get the cabinets off the ground and keep them dry. Personally I would recommend going with metal as they will last longer and do more to increase the resale value on your home.

In addition to the cabinets you will need to look at wall hangs. You can use a variety of things from simple hooks to complex hanging systems. Depending on what your needs are either option can work. I recommend getting something that is expandable so as the amount of tools you need to store grows you are able to keep up.

Rakes, shovels, golf clubs, baseball bats and all manner of things can be safely and neatly put away using a good hanging system. In addition you will not have to go digging around to find items that you are looking for. A hanging system is an often overlooked but important part of your custom garage storage.

Once you have planned the raw materials of what you want to get you now need to sit down and realistically think about how much storage you need. This is probably the most important part of the custom garage storage design that you are coming up with.

You want to get enough storage to hold are your stuff, but not so much that it is overkill. I would recommend getting a little bit more than you think you need so that you are able to expand easily as time goes by.

As you can see there are several different things that you need to consider before beginning you quest to set up your custom garage storage. Follow the steps outlined above and you will be hanging cabinets and rakes in no time. Thanks for reading and hopefully all of this will help you on your way.