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Impressive Savings on My Home

I was able to find a home in Orange Country for an insanely cheap price. Originally I was going to move to a different part of California, but I liked Orange County so much that I couldn’t help but stay. The home that I bought was a pretty basic home, which is how I was able to get it for such a cheap price, but I didn’t mind. I just treated the home like a fixer upper project. A little paint here and there, some good old fashioned Orange County shutters, and some new carpeting, and the home would be simply perfect for me.

First I started with the paint job. The home had the standard egg shell color, which is fine, but it’s everywhere and you can get tired of it pretty quickly. I thought about color tones that would look good in a house without being too safe or too gaudy. I went with a nice light blue color that reminds me of the sky. As for the carpet, only a few rooms really needed it. The living room and dining room definitely didn’t need anything other than hardwood floors. The bedrooms were given a fresh layer of carpet, along with the den.

The shutters were the last thing that I changed in the home. Picking those was as simply as choosing a style and a color that would work best with the light blue color on the walls. I figured a darker color would match the light blue by creating a visual contrast, so I went with a darker shade of blue. I may decide to change this in the future, but for now I think these colors will be just fine. The amount of money I put into the home after purchase was still pretty minuscule, making the home still a bargain.